Why Choose Glugeth & Pierguidi, P.C.? Results.

Our attorneys fight long and hard to protect our clients’ rights for the compensation they deserve. We have a solid reputation for favorable outcomes resulting in high-dollar settlements and verdicts. While your results will depend on the type of injuries you have, read on for some of our case results.


Million Settlement Glugeth and Pierguidi recovered 8 Million Dollars for an injured construction worker in NJ. The plaintiff was working on the roof of a building that was undergoing demolition. He was not provided a safety harness or any fall protection. As he was working, he stepped into an unprotected hole in the roof and fell 25 feet to the ground below. He sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in addition to other orthopedic injuries. The case was aggressively litigated by the firm’s partners Jared Glugeth and David Pierguidi. The Firm retained the top experts in various fields to prove their case which resulted in an 8 Million Dollar Settlement on the eve of trial.


Million Recovered The firms Jared Glugeth recovered 5.75 Million Dollars for an injured NYC construction worker. The worker sustained a catastrophic arm injury when a makeshift hoist failed while performing construction work. The case was litigated aggressively which resulted in the multi-million dollar recovery for the client.


Million Settlement for a construction worker who was electrocuted and fell off a ladder sustaining a serious back injury. The worker was told to demolish a wall at a large construction site. However, unbeknownst to our client, the General Contractor failed to turn off the power inside the wall which is a violation of the New York Industrial Code. We successfully moved for summary judgment against the defendants. A jury was selected in Queens County Supreme Court but the defendants folded and paid our client the money he deserved.


Million Settlement for injured worker who sustained a fractured shoulder after falling through a broken grate. The worker was installing cable wire when he stepped on a grate that gave way causing him to fall and break his shoulder. The matter went all the way to jury selection in New York County before settling for 2.25 Million Dollars.


Million settlement Two truck drivers were run over by an 18 wheeler at a port in NJ. Our experts determined that the road where the accident occurred was negligently designed. The case settled for $1.8 Million.


Million motorcyclist in Long Island that was run off the road by a delivery truck. Our client was riding his motorcycle when a delivery truck pulled away from a parking spot causing him to swerve and crash. Even though the delivery truck did not make contact him they were still responsible.


Million recovered for a client that fell off his dump truck in a Brooklyn waste plant and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. Defendant denied responsibility but our aggressive litigation and use of experts yielded a $1.75 Million Dollar settlement for our client.


Million settlement for a client that was rear ended by an 18-Wheeler on the Long Island Expressway. The plaintiff required a spinal fusion for his back injury. We successfully obtained summary judgment on the issue of liability. After that the case went to mediation where it settled for $1.65 Million


Million Settlement for a woman who fractured her patella and had surgery as the result of a motor vehicle collision with a dump truck.


settlement for a back injury sustained in a car crash in Union County New Jersey. Our client was side swiped by an 18-Wheeler causing him to drive onto the median. He sustained back injuries that required surgery. The matter was settled for $750,000 at mediation.


settlement for injured construction worker who had non-operative herniated discs.


recovery in New Jersey nursing negligence action resulting in stroke, paralysis, and inability to work.


recovery in New York medical malpractice action where surgical error resulted in infection, sepsis, pain and suffering and eventually death.


recovery in a New York medical malpractice action where a failure to timely diagnose a surgical complication resulted in permanent hand paralysis.


recovery in a New Jersey motor vehicle accident that caused permanent spinal and shoulder injuries.


recovery in a New Jersey motor vehicle accident that caused permanent spinal injury and inability to continue working as a construction worker.


recovery in a New Jersey trial verdict in a slip and fall accident resulting in a permanent ankle injury.


recovery in a New Jersey nursing negligence action that resulted in pain and suffering and eventual death.


recovery in a New York nursing negligence action that resulted in pain and suffering and eventual death.


recovery in a New Jersey motor vehicle accident resulting in a hip injury.