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Traffic accident fatalities in New Jersey and around the country surpassed 46,000 in both 2021 and 2022 according to figures released by the National Safety Council. The nonprofit group’s latest road safety report also reveals that the fatality rate per vehicle mile traveled in the United States has risen by 22% since 2019. The NSC’s report is based on data gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

National Roadway Safety Strategy

Worrying surges in road injuries and deaths prompted the U.S. Department of Transportation to unveil the National Roadway Safety Strategy in 2022. The initiative’s goal is reducing accident fatalities in the United States by using a holistic approach called the Safe System. To further this goal, the DOT has made grants available to improve road infrastructure in underserved communities and support organizations that are part of the NSC’s Road to Zero Coalition.

New Jersey Accident Statistics

Several states reported lower accident fatalities in 2022, but New Jersey was not one of them. The 698 traffic fatalities recorded in 2022 was the highest number of road deaths in the Garden State since more than 700 died in 2007. Accidents in New Jersey in 2022 killed 390 drivers, 101 passengers, 17 cyclists and 190 pedestrians. The rise in accidents, injuries, deaths and accident-related personal injury lawsuits in recent years has been blamed by officials and experts on an increase in dangerous behavior and reckless driving.

Rigorous Law Enforcement

The holistic approach being proposed by the DOT may make the nation’s roads less dangerous in a decade or two, but clamping down on reckless and dangerous driving could have an immediate impact. If rising accident injury and fatality rates are linked to irresponsible behavior as most experts maintain, then rigorous law enforcement is an obvious short-term solution.

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