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How to File an Accident Claim Against a Semi-Truck in New Jersey

The mass and velocity of semi-trucks can lead to devastating, sometimes life-threatening, injuries when an accident occurs. Yet, commercial trucks transport millions of goods on U.S. highways each day, making the occasional accident almost unavoidable. A semi-truck pulling an empty trailer weighs approximately 35,000 pounds, while the average passenger vehicle weighs between 2,750 and 4,000 pounds. This difference makes...

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Truck Driver Fatigue Can Have Deadly Consequences

Truck driver fatigue is a danger to all New Jersey road users. Due to the massive size of commercial trucks, it’s essential for truckers to maintain control of their vehicles. However, some drivers are drowsy or unwell when behind the wheel, which can lead to serious accidents. The Causes of Truck Driver Fatigue Two of the most common causes...

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