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Children residing in New Jersey can have learning disabilities caused by brain injuries. Statistics show that numerous traumatic brain injuries result from car accidents. While some children incur mild brain injuries, others experience severe harm resulting in lifelong disabilities, including permanent short-term memory loss. Children and young adults suffering from brain injury impairments often receive physical and behavioral therapy.

What Are the Possible Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Although reading and math difficulties often present themselves to children with traumatic brain injuries, every child is different. One child may have problems adding or subtracting. Another child with a traumatic brain injury may not experience these issues. Instead, the child may have amnesia that prevents their brain from storing vital short-term memories. An adult with ongoing short-term memory loss may experience problems when looking for suitable employment because they struggle to remember job details.

Is a Brain Injury the Same Thing as an Intellectual Disability?

A child with a traumatic brain injury is not born with intellectual disabilities but may have learning problems caused by head trauma. A child with an intellectual disability may have trouble understanding common topics taught in school. However, a child with a brain injury may retain a high level of intelligence but lack social skills. In addition, a child who has incurred a traumatic personal injury resulting from permanent brain damage may have cognitive problems making it difficult to learn new tasks quickly.

What To Do If Your Child Has a Traumatic Brain Injury

Your child may improve with rehabilitation efforts. A Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) program may benefit your child. The program provides each student with specialized training based on their needs and abilities. Teachers and parents work together to develop a program tailored to each child.

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