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New Jersey nursing medical malpractice

Nurses are some of the most important people in the healthcare field. Not only are they often the first people to interact with a patient in many clinical settings, but they also provide expert assistance to doctors, surgeons, and others. While doctors or hospitals are often named in medical malpractice suits, it’s important for patients and nurses in New Jersey to know the legalities involving nurses and medical malpractice. Reach out to speak to an attorney today!

Can Nurses Be Sued for Medical Malpractice?

Yes, nurses can be sued for medical malpractice. The “Four Ds of Medical Malpractice” are as follows:

• Duty

• Direct Cause

• Dereliction

• Damages

With those four terms in mind, it becomes easier to see how nurses can be held responsible for medical malpractice in some cases. 

Failure to Communicate

If a nurse fails to alert their medical team about a situation that becomes critical, he or she is responsible. Nurses are required by law to take the necessary steps to alert other professionals should a critical situation arise.

Incorrect Charting

One of the most important aspects of nursing involves charting medical histories, symptoms and other relevant issues. If a nurse fails to accurately chart a patient’s health information, he or she has committed an error that could lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Equipment Mistakes

Patients are often injured in hospitals or other clinical settings because of the misuse of medical equipment. In clinical settings, this can include injuring a patient with a piece of equipment. In surgical settings, there have been examples of nurses leaving equipment inside a patient. 

Medication Errors

Finally, nurses are often responsible for administering medications according to a physician’s order. If they administer the wrong medication or administer it incorrectly, they may be held responsible for the mistake. 

Choosing a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Understanding the intricacies of nursing medical malpractice is important for both nurses and patients. This is why it is so important for nurses to adequately communicate, care, exhibit competence and chart accurately. Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Glugeth & Pierguidi, P.C. are dedicated to providing you with the best legal advice and services tailored to meet your individual needs. Contact us online today to schedule a free consultation.

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