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Common Mistakes to Avoid Following a Rideshare Accident

The causes of rideshare accidents can be plentiful, and often these crashes are unavoidable and out of your control. However, what you do in the moments and days after a rideshare accident is essential. Avoiding common mistakes after your accident can make all the difference in a successful accident claim or lawsuit. An experienced rideshare accident attorney can help you navigate these common pitfalls to ensure your claim is as strong as possible. Below, we discuss five common mistakes to avoid following a rideshare accident. 

Not Reporting the Accident 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a driver or passenger is not reporting the accident to the police and insurance company. It is common for motorists to try and avoid alerting the police to an accident, especially if it is a minor fender bender. They may be concerned about the cost of a ticket and the increase in insurance premiums. However, you should always report the accident to law enforcement so they can create a formal accident with accurate driver information. This report will be essential in pursuing a claim or lawsuit. 

Uber and Lyft drivers should also report the accident to their respective companies. If you are an Uber driver, you can do so here

As a passenger, it is also vital to report the collision. You may think your medical costs are covered, but determining the proper insurance payer can take time

Avoid these Uber and Lyft accident mistakes and always report your rideshare accident to the police and insurance company.

Leaving the Scene Without Gathering Evidence

Whether you are an Uber driver, passenger, or third party in another vehicle, it is best to gather evidence before leaving the accident scene. The responding police officer will investigate, document, and complete a written accident report. However, it is wise to do your own due diligence. Gathering evidence can include:

  • Taking photos of the scene with your phone,
  • Recording a quick video,
  • Speaking with witnesses and obtaining their contact information,
  • Making a note of any area surveillance video, and
  • Writing down pertinent information such as weather and road conditions.

Gathering this information before leaving the crash scene can make pursuing a claim later much more manageable. If you are reading this and thinking you didn’t do any of the above, don’t worry. It’s okay. Accident victims are often either too injured or rattled after the crash and do not think to document and gather evidence. That is what we are here for. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary and helpful information even at a much later date. 

Choosing Not to Seek Medical Attention

If the crash was a fender bender or relatively minor and you can walk away, it does not mean that you should not still seek medical attention. Often, the shock and adrenaline of the accident can mask an injury, or you can suffer from a delayed onset of injury. Even if you believe you are unharmed, you should immediately see a doctor. Medical treatment can extend beyond an emergency room visit and might include:

  • Diagnostic testing, including X-rays and MRIs;
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy;
  • Pharmaceutical services;
  • Chiropractic care; or
  • Surgical intervention.

A proper evaluation and timely diagnosis can mean the difference in your recovery. 

Posting About the Accident on Social Media

In an age where it is almost second nature to post about your daily life on social media, you should resist the urge to say anything after a rideshare accident. One of the biggest Lyft and Uber accident mistakes you can make is to post photos or videos of the accident scene or injuries on your social media pages. Even long after the accident, you should avoid social media as much as possible. The insurance companies will look at your accounts and use what you may have posted or commented against you to deny your claim.

Accepting an Early Settlement Offer

Whether you are a passenger, a third party, or the driver in a rideshare accident, you should never accept an early settlement offer without first speaking with a seasoned attorney. Insurance companies are often quick to offer a low settlement shortly after the accident as a means to keep you from pursuing a claim or lawsuit. Once you accept a settlement, you are generally barred from seeking further compensation, so it is imperative that you not jump at the first offer made. It is in the insurance carrier’s best interest to settle for as little money as possible; don’t fall for it. Contact us at Glugeth & Pierguidi, P.C., to discuss a fair and reasonable settlement and whether you might be better off proceeding with a lawsuit and potential trial.

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