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If you tell your doctor about certain symptoms that you are experiencing, the doctor is required to order diagnostic tests and eliminate medical conditions based on those symptoms until left with one that most closely matches. The last thing you expect is for your New Jersey doctor to misdiagnose you, but it can happen. Here is how to cope with this situation.

Keep a Journal

Journaling your experience and symptoms is crucial when you’ve been misdiagnosed. It can help you to keep everything fresh and documented so that once you see a new doctor, you’ll be prepared.

Get a Second Opinion

If you believe you’ve been misdiagnosed, you must get a second opinion. Just because one doctor doesn’t know what’s going on with you, that doesn’t mean the next won’t have concrete answers. You can’t heal and move forward with treatment until you get a proper diagnosis. Find the right doctor and start from square one.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

After a medical misdiagnosis, it’s normal to feel a slew of emotions. You probably feel angry, scared, anxious, sad and traumatized. Acknowledge all of your feelings and realize that they are legitimate. When a doctor misdiagnoses you, it violates your trust in them and could be damaging depending on the state of your health.

Seek Therapy

medical misdiagnosis can have serious psychological impacts even if you’re not dealing with a potentially fatal illness. Seek therapy if you need it so that you can look ahead to your healing. Talking about what you’ve gone through with a professional can help you cope with the experience. Although there is a stigma on therapy, the reality is that it’s available to help people and is a healthy option.

Medical misdiagnoses can be devastating. Often it is difficult to get through this kind of trauma without going through these steps. Our experienced team of lawyers at Glugeth & Pierguidi, P.C. are dedicated to providing you with the best legal advice and services tailored to meet your individual needs. Contact us online today to schedule a free consultation about your claim.

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