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Rideshares gained enormous popularity with the public by providing a less-costly and more convenient way to book a short trip. Unfortunately, a rideshare driver might lack the training and experience a taxi or airport limo professional possesses. An accident might occur when the rideshare driver makes a mistake on a New Jersey road. Victims might then take legal action against the driver and the rideshare company.

Rideshare Accidents and Resulting Injuries

Rideshare drivers have responsibilities to other commercial and noncommercial vehicle operators. They must follow traffic laws and avoid behaviors that could injure passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. Of course, rideshare drivers could increase their earnings by picking up and dropping off more passengers. Profit motives may lead some to drive too fast or otherwise violate traffic rules. They might face liability claims if they hurt someone while committing a moving violation.

The rideshare company could face a claim if the company knew a driver posed a risk. Not terminating a driver who received numerous complaints may shift some blame to the rideshare service.

A rideshare enterprise might cover drivers with a significant insurance policy. The drivers could carry personal policies that address commercial activities. So, victims may pursue a liability claim against these policies.

Other Liable Parties

Although a passenger could suffer an injury during a rideshare trip, the driver might not be responsible. If a truck were to commit a moving violation and hit the rideshare vehicle, the victims might file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver. In some situations, the truck driver’s employer could share liability.

Investigations that follow rideshare accidents may uncover evidence that points to one or more negligent parties. Victims might seek compensation from various negligent parties to cover their losses from the collision.

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