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While getting a prescription filled in New Jersey, you might not take a second glance at the information on the container, especially if the pharmacist goes over the details. However, there are some dispensing errors that could lead to severe reactions and even death, resulting in a malpractice claim.

Medication Type

One of the common types of dispensing errors that can lead to medical malpractice is giving a patient the wrong type of medication. This could be intentional if the pharmacist is working with the patient in order to provide a different medication for the purpose of selling it to make money or unintentional as some medications could be labeled incorrectly.


There is usually a specific dose of the medication prescribed that that patient needs to take. If you receive information about an incorrect dose, then it could result in complications from a medication that’s supposed to benefit the condition that you have. You could get a lower or a higher dose with both situations having different impacts. Sometimes, the correct dose might be written on the bottle but for a different patient or without taking into consideration any allergic reactions that might have.


When you’re given a prescription, the pharmacist should go over the details of what it does and when it should be taken as well as how much should be taken. If you don’t receive this information, you might not be able to follow along with the details that are provided with the package. This might result in not taking enough of the medication or taking too much.

Although medications are supposed to help you recover from various illnesses or help with medical issues, they need to be dispensed properly in order to prevent side effects from occurring.

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