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A former soccer team captain and goalie at Stanford University tragically committed suicide, making big news in New Jersey. This happened after the school sent her a disciplinary notice in which she was informed that she might be removed from the university. The notice came after hours when the counseling services offered by the school were not available.

No Response Was Given

The student replied to the email immediately expressing exasperation and distress, but the school didn’t get back to her or reach out in any way. Her suicide was not premeditated, showing that it was a direct reaction to the notice given by Stanford.

The incident started when the Stanford athlete was riding her bike and allegedly spilled coffee on a football player from the school. The football player had been accused of sexually assaulting a different soccer player from the school who was underage at the time of the alleged assault.

According to the victim’s father, her daughter was speaking out to defend her teammate who was assaulted, and it wasn’t long after that disciplinary action was taken. The complaint against the goalie was filed six months after the encounter with the football player, which is precisely how long Stanford’s policies allow the school to do so.

Justice for Their Daughter and Protection for Future Students

Her parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit for the negligent and reckless way that Stanford University sent the notice and their subsequent lack of response. They feel this is necessary to achieve justice for their daughter and protect other students from these situations going forward.

The former soccer team captain and goalie was in her senior year at Stanford. Her major was in international relations. Her team captainship came after she made a clutch save in penalty kicks during a national title game, leading Standford to a 2019 NCAA title.

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