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New Jersey residents expect quality care from doctors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, certain patients are often misdiagnosed when they have had a stroke.

Patients Most Mikely To Be Misdiagnosed

Thinking you are experiencing a stroke or having strange symptoms is scary. However, while many patients see their doctors or go to the emergency room, some are more likely to be dismissed or misdiagnosed when a stroke is, indeed, the problem.

Strokes most often affect older patients. It’s a condition more associated with men than women. As a result, it’s common for female patients younger than 55 to be misdiagnosed and dismissed as having other problems such as migraine. Patients of color are also more likely to be misdiagnosed.

When patients are not taken seriously by doctors, it could lead to a medical emergency. A second opinion could determine that the patient has had a stroke, which could warrant a medical malpractice lawsuit being filed. If a patient goes to a doctor or hospital complaining of certain symptoms and fearful of stroke, tests should be done to exclude the possibility of a stroke. Releasing a patient without running those tests could worsen their condition.

Signs of a Stroke

If you believe you might have suffered a stroke, you should know how to identify the signs and symptoms of the condition. Strokes are medical emergencies and often cause numbness in the face, intense headaches and slurred speech. You may have difficulty speaking at all, balance problems and even changes in your vision.

Any combination of these symptoms requires prompt medical attention. If it’s a stroke, you could be left with permanent damage if you delay seeking help. A stroke left untreated can also be deadly. It’s possible to have difficulty with language and be left paralyzed.

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