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Outbursts of anger could lead to trouble in any situation, including on the road. However, New Jersey commuters may find themselves stressed out or upset before getting behind the wheel. Getting cut off by another driver might make an angry person even more upset, leading to road rage incidents. Things may spiral out of control as an angry attitude could undermine safe driving practices, leading to an accident. And accidents may result in lawsuits.

Road Rage and Driving Attitudes

Essentially, road rage refers to losing your temper behind the wheel. A driver angry at another motorist’s behavior may roll down the window and yell at the person or make an obscene gesture. Besides the unnecessary nature of such actions, performing them could take attention from the road. A driver screaming at a motorcyclist might not see a pedestrian in the street and hit that person. Now, the driver has problems far greater than whatever upset them in the first place.

Road rage may lead a driver to commit moving violations, such as cutting drivers off or tailgating. An angry and impatient driver might deliberately go through a light recently changed to red to get away from commuters bothering them. All these actions might cause collisions, and feeling angry won’t likely serve as an adequate defense.

Legal Consequences of Road Rage

Road rage often contributes to speeding, a practice that contributes to 29% of all motor vehicle accidents. Tragically, road rage factored into roughly 56% of all fatal crashes. Personal injury lawsuits might follow these incidents, and the judgments might be significant.

Succumbing to road rage could lead a driver to hurt other people severely. Whatever hotheaded behavior the driver took may establish negligence, opening doors to a credible lawsuit.

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