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Medical malpractice can have serious impacts on New Jersey residents. Certain forms of malpractice are very common. It’s important to be aware of them.

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia errors can occur when the doctor fails to verify whether the patient has allergies or any sensitivity issues. Any mistakes made involving anesthesia can result in significant pain and suffering and even death in the worst-case scenario. The doctor should always take every precaution before a procedure to prevent complications.

Misdiagnosis or Failure To Diagnose

One of the most devastating forms of physician malpractice is a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose. A misdiagnosis could lead to problems when the patient receives care that’s different from what they should get. A failure to misdiagnose can have deadly consequences depending on the patient’s medical condition.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries occur when the doctor or other medical staff makes a mistake or acts negligently during the mother’s labor or delivery. While some birth injuries can be mild and clear up on their own, others can leave a child permanently disabled. If the latter occurs, the parents can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the professional.

Medication Errors

A common form of medical malpractice is medication errors. These mistakes occur when a patient is prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of it. A person can suffer serious harm if they take medication that’s meant for a different condition or if they take the wrong amount. For example, if a person with cancer is prescribed a cancer drug but they are advised to take a much larger dosage, it could lead to an overdose and death.

Another way that medication errors can occur is if the doctor fails to determine whether drugs they prescribe might conflict with other medications the patient is taking.

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