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What Happens If I Get in a Car Wreck with No Insurance

If you get into a car wreck without insurance, the consequences can vary depending on the laws and regulations where the accident occurred. Some of the main fears accident victims have when they get into a car crash with no insurance are usually about what the legal and financial consequences will be. Speaking with a car accident lawyer can help reassure you and focus your attention on what you need to do to protect yourself legally and financially in the days and weeks following your accident.

Gugleth & Pierguidi, P.C. is a preeminent New York and New Jersey personal injury firm that has helped hundreds of car accident victims understand their rights, even if they are uninsured in a car accident. In this post, we will discuss the consequences of getting in a car accident with no insurance and how the Glugeth & Pierguidi team can help.

Legal Consequences

Auto insurance is required to drive everywhere in the tri-state area and virtually everywhere else in the U.S. Each state has slightly different requirements, so you will need to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to understand what your insurance requirements are. Regardless of whether you are in an accident, if you are caught driving without insurance, you may face legal penalties like fines, license suspension, or even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the violation and the laws in your area. 

The legal consequences of a car wreck with no insurance can be significant, so be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately if you find yourself in this position.

Financial Consequences 

If you get into a car wreck and do not have auto insurance, you may become personally responsible for covering the costs of the accident. This includes repairing or replacing your own vehicle, as well as paying for any damages or injuries caused to other people involved in the accident. These expenses can be significant and may include medical bills, property damage, and legal fees if the other party decides to take legal action against you. 

The cost of car insurance pales in comparison to what the liability for an accident might be. And if you do get into a car crash with no insurance—whether you are the party at fault or the victim—you will likely face many costs before you can get any relief. 

Limits on Potential Recovery for Injuries

Even if you were not at fault in the accident, not having insurance can have consequences. You may face challenges from the other party’s insurance company when seeking damages. While their insurance company may cover some or all of your damages, they may seek to limit your potential recovery under any state statutes penalizing uninsured motorists. 

However, if you were at fault or the other party involved is also uninsured, you may have limited options for receiving compensation. Some states have set aside funds for uninsured or underinsured motorist compensation, but these funds are limited and may not be available for your particular claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you navigate your accident recovery and get you the amount you deserve, even if you are in a car wreck with no insurance.

Difficulty Obtaining Future Insurance

Getting into a car wreck without insurance can make it challenging to obtain insurance coverage in the future. Insurance companies typically consider individuals with a history of driving without insurance as high-risk, which can lead to higher premiums or denial of coverage altogether. You need to know that the specific consequences of driving without insurance may vary depending on the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.

 If you are involved in a car wreck, whether or not you had car insurance at the time, contact Glugeth & Pierguidi to discuss your case. We have extensive experience helping car accident victims of all types. We listen carefully to your story to help you get on the path to the recovery you deserve. 

The Glugeth & Pierguidi Difference

Our founding attorneys, David Pierguidi and Jared Glugeth, have over thirty years of combined experience advocating for injured victims. Additionally, Jared has been named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars List. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients who suffered injuries in car accidents. 

Our primary goal is to pursue accountability and compensation for our injured clients. We know the tactics insurance companies and angry defendants use to bully victims into accepting low settlement offers. An attorney at Glugeth & Pierguidi can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you obtain a settlement offer to adequately compensate you for your losses. Contact our office online or by phone today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our team will review the details of your accident and determine if you qualify to bring a legal claim.

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David Pierguidi and Jared Glugeth understand how hard it may be for you and your family following an accident resulting from someone’s negligent actions. Get the medical treatment you need right away and then call our law firm at any time of day for answers to your questions.

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