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Making mistakes in the workplace is a natural human error. But when those mistakes occur in a New Jersey medical setting, the result can affect medications, surgery outcomes, and diagnoses. Patients can lose their lives, and medical providers can face being sued. Taking time to work on preventive measures can protect both patients and providers from the dangers of health care errors.

Practice Transparency and Hold Staff Accountable

One way to reduce medical errors involves increasing the transparency among the staff. Encouraging the staff to acknowledge mistakes made and sharing those mistakes with other staff as a learning opportunity provides learning opportunities. When staff has the ability to be transparent without the fear of being reprimanded, employees can adjust their behavior and reduce errors.

Incorporate Advanced Technology

While most workplaces notice benefits to their culture with the addition of technology, medical environments can actually save lives by including technological upgrades. Health care mistakes reduce when technological innovations are introduced. Examples of technology that reduces medical errors include:

• Pharmacy dispensing computer systems

• Bar-coded medication

• Radio frequency identification

• Electronic health records

Improve Education and Offer Additional Training

Additional training opportunities and education greatly reduce medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical professionals must continue to get education in order to remain up to date on the latest procedures, medications and technology. Experienced professionals choosing to engage in the training of younger professionals also greatly reduce medical errors by preparing the next generation of professionals for situations that could have caused mistakes in the past.

Acknowledge That Mistakes Occur

Pretending that a medical environment does not involve mistakes only creates fewer opportunities to correct those mistakes. Accepting that a mistake has occurred and looking for new ways to correct and prevent it from happening again create a culture that actively works towards reducing mistakes.

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