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New Jersey residents often deal with harsh winter conditions, leading to weather-related liabilities. Review your insurance policies to make sure you’re sufficiently covered.

Winter Dangers

Snow, ice and freezing rain could create slippery conditions on sidewalks. You need to clear your sidewalk and use some time of de-icing material, such as salt or kitty litter. Not addressing a slip-and-fall hazard may leave someone responsible for their injuries. And such a situation might extend to indoor conditions. A business that ignores customers with snow-covered boots and doesn’t clean up wet and slushy floors could be liable for any slips and falls.

The holiday season is a time for gift-giving, and that means lots of packages arriving on doorsteps. Unfortunately, thieves know this as well as you, so safeguard yourself and request a signature upon delivery. That way, you’ll be there to receive it and won’t have to try to have the money refunded if someone steals the item off your doorstep. If you are away during the day, change the shipping address to a cooperative neighbor or workplace.

Premises Liability

Owners, leaseholders, property managers, and others could face premises liability claims when someone gets hurt on a property. And winter brings many added risks that might not be present in other seasons. For example, the weight of snow on tree branches might result in a heavy limb breaking off and hurting someone or damaging property upon landing. Take steps to avoid this before the ice and snow season arrives by removing dead limbs and cutting back limbs that hang over someone else’s property.

Property owners with a duty to care for others’ well-being take legal risks when not addressing defects or hazards. When someone gets hurt, they could file a liability claim against the responsible party. Liability insurance may pay for the victim’s claims up to the policy limits.

Take extra precautions during the winter to keep yourself and visitors safe while they are on your property. Check with your insurance company to ensure that you have adequate liability coverage.

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